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Our Offices
Marienstraße 27

70178 Stuttgart
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Co-working Office
Rothebühlstraße 87E

70178 Stuttgart
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• If coming from the North, take B27/B14 towards Stuttgart center.

• From the South, use A8 up to Stuttgart Kreuz, then continue on A831/B14 towards the city center.

• When approaching from East or West, utilize B10/B14 to reach the city center.


• Upon reaching Stuttgart, head for the city center.

• Proceed along Hauptstätter Straße (B14) and turn into Marienstraße. You will find Marienstraße 27 on the right side.
• There is no need to park in a parking garage.

• Directly at Marienstraße 27, there's a large gate that leads to the inner courtyard.

• You can drive through this gate to access the parking spaces available in the courtyard.

Remember to check for any traffic updates or temporary route changes before you depart.
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