Experience our comprehensive AI product lifecycle services, covering everything from initial ideation and validation to prototyping and tailor-made AI development.
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Discover & validate
We overview and reveal specific areas where AI can enhance efficiency and viability
Understand, conceptualise, validate
Starting from initial concepts and exploring new opportunities, we specialize in finding optimal solutions for your challenges. We validate ideas for feasibility and effectiveness, ensuring the benefits of tailored AI integration into your business are crystal clear. Our aim is to develop AI solutions that are 100% reliable and precision-engineered to deliver the desired impact.
Identifying and understanding problems worth solving
Every collaboration starts with understanding and identifying problems associated to the business model, internal processes or the ecosystem our clients operate in. We strongly believe that impact and value emerges from solving real problems. Our approach and methodologies are tested and refined during many client projects we have successfully done over the last years.  
Customer and market research
Building a solution that addresses the needs and expectations of the right target group requires multi-faceted insights of users, customers and the overall company and market context. We apply well-known and established research strategies to achieve a sufficient level of understanding helping us to design the best possible AI products.
Generate and test promising ideas and use cases
We always validate Ideas for new, innovative AI solutions, both qualitatively and quantititively. With this mindset, we avoid building something that does not resonate with internal or external users, markets and their demands. By sticking to this approach, we are able to find the best possible solution while saving our clients financial resources.
Building first AI prototypes and proof of concepts
Many AI-related solutions work in theory yet facing implementation barriers in practice. To ensure feasibility from the very beginning, we implement lean prototypes that simulates the target application based on technological, mission-critical assumptions. If internal or proprietary data is involved, we train, test and deploy first AI models with your data on secure and private infrastructure.
AI Development
We develop tailored AI solutions for your requirements and challenges
Specific AI to your need
We specialise in crafting customised AI solutions tailored to your unique needs and challenges. With expertise spanning diverse AI fields such as LLM, NLP, machine and deep learning, or generative AI, we are able to deliver the most up-to-date, scalable and secure solutions. We always adapt the technology to your workflow and infrastructure, that  ensures seamless integration and maximum efficiency.
Our AI Development Areas
Machine Learning and Generative AI
Our engineers and scientists combine expertise from multiple disciplines. This allows us to tackle many different challenges in the fields of Machine Learning and Generative AI. We craft solutions around carefully built, trained and evaluated AI models instead of relying on prompt engineering or being dependent from third party APIs.
Large Language Models (LLM)
Our main area of expertise is associated to LLMs. We are experienced in building and curating high-quality datasets, training and evaluating state-of-the-art open-source models. With this approach we are able to adapt our own AI models to unique knowledge and language of our clients to build powerful models that achieve competitive advantage.
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
High-performance, production-ready AI systems are built around more than just text generation models. Retrieval augmented generation solutions, among others, incorporate multiple models for creating vector embeddings, re-ranking query results or dynamically routing.
Many modern AI applications go beyond processing text or numbers. Images, voice or videos contain meaningful and valuable information that need to considered. Therefore, we implement multi modal capabilities along the entire value chain of building AI solutions to maximize the utilization of existing data sources.
Data Engineering
Building AI solutions for production require careful planning and engineering of data pipelines from sourcing, pre-processing, ingestion, evaluation and optimization. High-quality data is the most crucial aspect when it comes to developing AI successfully. Since data is often a scarce resource, we apply the latest research results for leverage synthetic data generation.
Hardware and infrastructure
We partner with a local, Stuttgart-based high-performance computing center where we have access to vast amount of secure hardware resources trusted by many large corporations.
AI Compliance and ethics
Beside the transformative potential for people and businesses, complying to European Standards both from a compliance and ethical standpoint, is imperative.
full stack application development
Full stack development from initial concept to operating product and beyond
Full Stack Development
Experience the full journey from concept to a fully operational product with our full-stack development services. From user experience and UI design to frontend and backend development, we craft solutions that are not only functional but user-centric and visually engaging. Our expertise ensures your product is robust, scalable, and future-proof.
Our Areas
UX/UI Design for AI applications
Building AI solutions is much more training and deploying models. At Seedbox, we believe that the current and next generation of AI will revolutionize the way we use and interact with computers. To achieve a seamless and natural way of interaction, the human-AI interface need to be completely redefined. Our interaction and user interface designers conciously push the boundaries of existing paradigms to create experiences that feel natural, effective and efficient but not artifical.
Solution architecture
It is not only crucial to compose the best technology stack according to the individual solution, moreover, it is important to evaluate and implemet the right tech stack given individual infrastructure constraints when it comes to privacy, data residency, security, scalability and much more.
Frontend and backend development
Even in an AI era excellent products need excellently developed frontend and backend component wrapped around and connected to its AI core. Users still want to achieve a goal or a get a job done again and again over a long time. To achieve this, we need a robust and scalable solution far beyond simpe prototypes or proof of concepts.
Deployment and inference
Serving AI models both secure and cost efficient is a difficult task. We therefore use latest inference technology and modern infrastructure to achieve viable results for production. Our goal is always to use the smallest possible model that is able to achieve the aspired outcome.
Operations and Maintenance
Our commitment does not end with shipping a solution. Our mission is to create long-term business value for our clients. Since integrating new, innovative software into existing IT infrastructures and processes can be challenging, we offer individual operations and maintenance solutions to ensure that the users and customers benefit from our solutions the best way possible at any time.
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