We are a team of experts committed to crafting human-centric AI for a better tomorrow
About us
WHO WE are
Seedbox is a dedicated task force of AI experts, business builders, engineers, and designers
We team up to shape a better tomorrow
Seedbox was born from the shared vision of Kai and Dennis, who brought their experiences, achievements, challenges, and insights from the world of corporate innovation. The deep insights and expertise in Artificial Intelligence we’ve accumulated over the past 15 years, form the cornerstone of our work today.
Our path
This rich history not only defines our current strategies but also propels us to continually innovate and redefine the boundaries of what AI can achieve in business and beyond.
What we are doing
We are focusing on turning AI for the benefits of the German “Mittelstand”
Relationship that drive innovation
We recognised that the “German Mittelstand,” which serves as the foundation of our economy, can leverage the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to achieve massive business improvement. By embracing this potential, these enterprises can enhance their unique business operations, efficiency, cost reduction, and discover new revenue-generating opportunities, thus solidifying their dominance in the German market and facilitating their growth across Europe and globally.
Our roots
The Journey Through Tech and Corporate Innovation
Origin, present and future
We've gained our knowledge and skills in this field of tech and corporate innovation. That extensive knowledge we combine with our AI development skillset to craft not only technologically advanced, but also commercially viable solutions.
The AI-driven innovation
With the responsibility of driving transformation and facilitating the integration of AI among German market players in mind, Seedbox embarked on its own evolution from a corporate innovator to an AI-driven innovation company.
Meet our team
We believe in creating sustainable, ethical AI applications that not only solve today's challenges but also pave the way for a better tomorrow.
The management
Dennis Dickmann
At Seedbox, I'm dedicated to crafting AI solutions that not only revolutionise industries but also embody our commitment to innovation and excellence.
Kai Kölsch
I’m focusing on growing our business and building great relationships with our clients and team, always striving to use technology and innovation to create a better tomorrow.
Florian Freund
Head of Operations
I'm passionate about finding ways to leverage advancements in tech to generate real business impact by unlocking additional revenue streams or taking core processes to the next level.
Our partnershipS
Seedbox collaborates with IPAI, the global hub for human AI, located in the north of Heilbronn. This ambitious European project is fostering a unique, innovation-driven ecosystem. Together, we are dedicated to developing future-oriented AI solutions, leveraging our partnership to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence technology.
Seedbox, in partnership with KI Park e.V., harnesses the power of a collaborative AI ecosystem, focusing on ethical, sustainable, and innovative AI solutions. Together, we're driving technology forward, shaping an interconnected and intelligent world.
Seedbox is proud to be a member of the German AI Association, Germany's largest AI network, connecting over 400 innovative AI companies with established businesses and political spheres, driving forward the future of AI and deep tech.
Seedbox, in partnership with HLRS (High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart), enables robust AI developments made in Germany. This collaboration ensures data security, privacy, and GDPR compliance for us and our clients, leveraging leading-edge computing technologies for responsible and innovative AI solutions.
Join our team
Our team believes in approaching people and problems with openness, friendliness, and fairness. Our team values openness, friendliness, and fairness in our approach to people and problems. We work and live in a supportive environment, where freedom and self-responsibility go hand in hand, as we collectively work toward shared goals. Join us to work on cutting-edge AI technology, gain your experience, and contribute to building a better tomorrow together.
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