Our services are based on years of experience in corporate innovation for large corporations and mid-sized companies. We cover the entire product development process, from ideation and validation through prototyping to custom AI development, to create efficient and innovative solutions. Developing innovative products and business models is in our DNA.
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AI Enablement
Everything begins with a good strategy
One step ahead
What specific challenges and opportunities can AI address in your company? How can you effectively use AI technologies and integrate them into your business processes? Through targeted workshops, strategic consulting, and a 360° AI Assessment, we help you answer these questions, among others, and develop and implement tailored solutions for you and your company. Our goal is to increase efficiency and create sustainable competitive advantages and clear business value.
Strategy & Business Consulting
Our strategic AI consulting supports companies in developing customized AI strategies, process optimization, and effective organizational development. Focusing on a wide range of future scenarios and potential technology integrations, we help achieve sustainable competitive advantages and future-proof your business processes.
AI Use Case Exploration
Our AI Use Case Exploration helps you identify, evaluate, prioritize, and concretize specific application areas. Through targeted workshops and interviews, we analyze potential use cases, assess their business value, and develop tailored implementation strategies.
360° AI Assessment
Our 360° AI Assessment offers a comprehensive analysis of your internal structures and requirements. Through a systematic examination of your situation and processes, we identify potentials to derive promising AI use cases. Our AI and technology expertise, combined with your domain know-how, provides the optimal composition to turn problems into solutions.
AI Discovery
From problem identification to validated business model
Understand, conceptualize, validate
Starting from initial concepts and exploring new possibilities, we specialize in finding optimal solutions for your challenges. We examine ideas for feasibility and effectiveness, ensuring that the benefits of integrating customized AI into your business are crystal clear. Our goal is to develop AI solutions that are reliably and precisely crafted to achieve the desired impact.
Discovery Sprint
Our 12 week Discovery Sprint takes you from problem identification to the development and validation of sustainable business models. Using methods from Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and Corporate Innovation Principles, we analyze problems, develop innovative solutions, and validate them through comprehensive user tests. At the end of the sprint, you receive a fully validated business model including a product definition and business potential assessment.
Proof of Concept
Our structured approach to conducting feasibility studies (PoCs) for AI use cases encompasses the following steps: use case definition, data screening and preparation, hypothesis-based procedure, selection of technologies & models, prototype development, testing and validation, technical assessment, and results analysis. This approach focuses exclusively on technical feasibility to ensure that the assumptions made regarding technology and data quality are indeed practicable.
Product & Solution Design
In Product & Solution Design, we define the transition from a successful Proof of Concept (PoC) to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We define your AI solution from the user's perspective to develop an effective and scalable application. This includes architecture planning, technical specifications, UX/UI design, economic feasibility analysis, project planning, and resource management. Our goal is to obtain a clear MVP definition that enables efficient and timely implementation.
AI Development
This is where the future of your business model is created
End-to-End Development
We develop custom AI solutions tailored to your specific needs and challenges. With our expertise in LLM, NLP, machine learning, and generative AI, we offer scalable and secure solutions that seamlessly integrate into your processes and infrastructure. Our full-stack development team covers the entire process from the concept phase to the finished product, including UX/UI design and frontend as well as backend development, to ensure that your product is robust, user-friendly, and future-proof.
Full-Stack Application Development
In this phase, the development of an AI-based MVP (Minimum Viable Product) begins. We focus on rapid functionality delivery and early user feedback for targeted, goal-oriented development. The process includes requirements analysis, optimized design and prototyping, agile development, testing, and deployment. With a clear focus on the business case, market analysis, and go-to-market strategy, we ensure a successful market launch and continuous optimization of your MVP.
Custom AI Models
Our service encompasses the end-to-end development of Large Language Models (LLMs) to meet your business requirements. From data preparation, model training, and fine-tuning to evaluation, integration, and scaling, we offer all necessary services. We ensure powerful, scalable, and seamlessly integrated AI models that are continuously optimized and maintained to always guarantee the highest quality and efficiency.
AI Infastructure
From local to global: Our security infrastructure meets the highest European standards
Flexibility and security meet performance
We offer secure, local, and high-performance AI infrastructures as well as cloud deployments with providers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS. Depending on the requirements and the development phase, we are flexible in selecting the optimal infrastructure to ensure seamless integration, maximum efficiency, and flexibility.
Cloud Deployment
We enable the seamless deployment of jointly created AI models on public cloud solutions from Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our full-stack deployment optimally integrates your applications and models, and if needed, we create a secure environment through Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). Benefit from scalable and secure AI solutions that efficiently and reliably support your business processes.
Secure HPC Deployment
Our exclusive access to the High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure of the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) is unique to date. We offer our clients a powerful and secure environment for the development, training, and fine-tuning of AI models. Benefit from cutting-edge GPU power, local and secure data processing, and comprehensive project management. With us, you gain access to one of the most exclusive HPC resources in the country, guaranteeing the highest efficiency and security standards. A higher level of data security and governance is not possible in Europe.
AI Research
Excellent research requires outstanding collaborations
Innovation through partnerships
We leverage transformative AI research to solve real-world challenges and work closely with partners from academia, business, and industry. Our top-tier research enables partners and clients to integrate the latest advancements in generative AI into interdisciplinary and future-oriented projects. The High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) stands out as our key partner, providing us and our clients with secure HPC access to computing and graphics performance.
When needed, we adapt existing models through training and fine-tuning to create new models specifically tailored to your use cases. Additionally, we have developed our own open-source models that cover a wide range of applications. These models are available for immediate use and customization to meet your specific requirements. You can find our published open-source models, which have already been downloaded over 1,000 times, here on HuggingFace.
We offer extensive datasets in German for various use cases and create semi- and fully synthetic training sets with you as needed. Additionally, we have developed our own open-source datasets that support a wide range of applications. Our published datasets are among the most comprehensive specifically in German and are available on HuggingFace.
Scientific Research
Our scientific research focuses on fundamental research in the field of artificial intelligence. We work on developing new model architectures, improved training methods, and enhancing the performance of AI models. Through this research, we push the boundaries of what is possible and develop innovative solutions that can be directly translated into practical applications.
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